Our Mission

With your help we can end gender-based violence
and close the gender-gap

Safety, justice and equality for women and girls!
Increase the safety and support for women and girls escaping violence while advocating for social change.

Our Values

Safety: Our first responsibility is to women and girls.

We advocate for the safety for women and girls fleeing violence and other forms of oppression. To achieve our mission, we listen, validate, and respect our their right to self-determination. We honour the diversity of all women and their life experiences.

Leadership: Our third responsibility is to our community.

We create innovative partnerships to foster community leadership. To achieve our mission, we build partnerships that promote evidence-based best practices, share resources, and streamline service delivery as part of a coordinated community response to violence against women and girls.

Teamwork: Our second responsibility is to our team.

We work collaboratively with our board, staff and volunteers in a respectful workplace. To achieve our mission, we encourage the well-being of our team by providing meaningful work, support, opportunities for growth, and recognition for their contribution to advancing women’s safety and social change.

Accountability: Our fourth responsibility is to our supporters.

We ensure ethical, transparent and accountable financial and fundraising practices. To achieve our mission, we establish measurable goals and objectives, monitor progress, and evaluate our success.

Facts & Figures

Of all survivors of sexual assault are female
Of all sexual assaults are committed by someone the survivor knows
Of women reporting sexual assaults said those assaults had long lasting negative impacts on their lives
1 in 2 women experience sexual assault at least once after the age of 15
Of homeless population in Surrey are female
Less than 1% of sexual assaults experienced by women lead to convictions
In Canada, 1 woman is killed every 6 days by her intimate partner
Indigenous women are killed at 6 times the rate of non-indigenous women

Our Partners

Together We Can End Gender Based Violence

Please help us keep women safe and secure

In 2020, one woman was violently killed every 2.5 days in Canada according to a report in the Canadian Femicide Observatory For Justice & Accountability (CFOJA).