Monthly Giving

Become a monthly donor

When you become a monthly donor, you help empower more individuals to escape a life of fear and violence. Please join today and stand with survivors of gender-based violence and gender-based discrimination.

How much should I Give?

You can give as much as your heart desires. Typically most donors give the following amounts:

  • $20 / month
  • $25 / month
  • $30 / month
  • $42 / month ($500 per year)
  • $83.33 / month ($1,000 per year)

Why give monthly?

When you give monthly, you are adding to the collective ability of our community to respond to a growing need that threatens women, girls, transgendered, two-spirit and all gender diverse people’s safety and peace. Let’s face it, there is no safety in our community if every member does not feel safe.

Your monthly contribution, enables us to provide programs and services that empower those who have been marginalized and oppressed because of their gender identity.

How does it work?

When combined with the gifts from hundreds or thousands of other caring community members, your monthly donations are a powerful source of funding that will positively impact and help us change the status quo.

What can we expect when you sign up?

When you sign up as a Monthly donor, you will receive an email verification within a couple of days. Shortly after we will call you to welcome you and send you a package in the mail detailing how you can manage your donations.

You will also receive invitations to tours and events that we host on a regular basis as they happen. You are now part of our family and our partner in ending violence against women and children.

Additionally, you will also receive a consolidated tax receipt at the beginning of the each year for the total amount of your monthly donations.

You can increase, decrease or cancel your monthly support at anytime by calling 604.589.1868.

When do I get my tax receipt?

consolidated receipt for all their gifts given in the previous calendar year – at the beginning of the following year (i.e. around February/March).

What if I change my mind?

You are completely in control of your giving. At any point in time you can choose to change the amounts you are giving, to suspend your gifts or cancel outright. To make any changes – simply call us at 604.589.1868.

Give the gift of healing this holiday season

This holiday season, we are asking our community to come together to reduce our trauma counselling wait time to get survivors the support they deserve.