Who We Are

We are a women’s crisis centre, located in Surrey, working in collaboration with the medical and justice communities for the safety and care of women and children escaping violence.

Why We Exist

Our goal is see gender-based violence diminish and, one day, disappear from our cultural lexicon. We empower women and girls. With your help, we are redefining ‘victim’.

What We Do

We protect women and girls. We are often the first place women call for help—24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year—be it emergency assistance or ongoing emotional support. Comprehensive support is available from the moment of assault, with assistance medically, emotionally, and legally—and onward, at any stage of recovery and healing.

  • Counselling Services: We provide counselling services for anyone who has experienced violence and needs support.
  • Access to Justice: We help sexual assault survivors navigate the justice system
  • Community Outreach:  Our S.M.A.R.T Van program connects with women in the community to provide critical life-saving services
  • Health & Wellness: Our services are holistic. We ensure that survivors of gender-based violence are cared for and empowered to pursue liberty and happiness.

Facts & Figures

Of all survivors of sexual assault are female
Of all sexual assaults are committed by someone the survivor knows
Of women reporting sexual assaults said those assaults had long lasting negative impacts on their lives
1 in 2 women experience sexual assault at least once after the age of 15
Of homeless population in Surrey are female
Less than 1% of sexual assaults experienced by women lead to convictions
In Canada, 1 woman is killed every 6 days by her intimate partner
Indigenous women are killed at 6 times the rate of non-indigenous women

Our Partners

Together We Can End Gender Based Violence

Please help us keep women safe and secure

In 2020, one woman was violently killed every 2.5 days in Canada according to a report in the Canadian Femicide Observatory For Justice & Accountability (CFOJA).