Court Support

What we do

We help survivors and their families navigate the court system as they search for justice and refuge from their assailants.

We provide support from the get-go helping our clients understand their options at every stage of their journey.

Criminal Court

Women and girls often have to testify against their loved ones in court.

Our Court Support Team helps survivors understand their legal rights and helps them navigate the criminal justice system step-by-step by providing court orientation and accompaniment to legal proceedings.

We also work closely with police, Crown Counsel and other criminal justice personnel to ensure that survivors have information, resources and support to ease their anxiety while testifying in court.

Our team will also help you apply for the Crime Victim Assistance Program which provides financial assistance and other benefits to victims of crime. Our team may also register survivors with the Victim Safety Unit and the Corrections branch to ensure that she is notified about the release of an offender.

Support is also available for witnesses and other non-offending family members.

Who is affected

Our services are accessed by anyone who has experienced sexual assault or gender-based violence. Our support services extend to family members and witnesses as long as they are not part of the offending party.

Hours of operation

Our team is available 24-hours a day, seven (7) days per week, 365 days per year to help you access emergency medical, legal and social services.


How to get a hold of us

Call 604-583-1295 to speak with a support worker if you are considering your options. You do not have to go to the hospital or make a police report to use our services.

Please help us keep women safe and secure

In 2020, one woman was violently killed every 2.5 days in Canada according to a report in the Canadian Femicide Observatory For Justice & Accountability (CFOJA).