That’s a wrap…

That’s a wrap…

This year, Surrey Women’s Centre celebrated National Victims and Survivors of Crime Awareness Week by standing with Jessie and Gagan as they fight for justice, freedom, and equality.

Jessie and Gagan want other survivors of domestic violence to know they are not alone.

Jessie is determined. “I need to be loud and speak my truth so women who are suffering maybe won’t feel alone. It is because women shared their stories on public platforms that I was able to recognize the violence I endured was much worse than I ever thought.”

In case you missed it, you can read Jessie’s powerful story here!

Gagan also wants survivors to know that they are not alone. “I felt like I was a bird in a cage at that time. I feel like I am a free bird now.” Gagan is lobbying the government to ensure that crisis centres, like Surrey Women’s Centre, have more funding to support women and children escaping domestic violence.

You can read Gagan’s powerful story here!

But Surrey Women’s Centre can’t empower women like Jesse and Gagan alone. Watch below how we work with our community partners to make sure that survivors have the help that they need when they need it!

Thank YOU for standing with Jessie and Gagan!


Watch Jessie’s story

Watch Gagan’s story

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