Trauma Counsellor

Trauma Counsellor

Trauma counselling is a specialist field of counseling which helps people address, come to terms with, and recover from a traumatic event. Trauma councillors are typically involved if someone is struggling physically, emotionally or psychologically after such an event. These specially trained professionals, with a mental health background, can help someone who is struggling in response to a traumatic event.

The purpose of this position is to provide a high standard of counselling and support to individuals who are experiencing trauma.

Key Responsibilities

Program Specific Responsibilities

  • Apply theoretical knowledge of trauma and/or crisis interventions in the provision of counselling, demonstrating an ability to assess for and manage trauma appropriately.
  • Provide individual and family counselling services including administering client appointments, conduct client assessment and intake of client needs.
  • Participate in advocacy activities on behalf of the client group.
  • Appropriate use of brokerage funds to ensure individuals and families have access to specialist services not provided by the program, including referral of clients to external therapeutic services as necessary.
  • Implement a case management approach in the provision of service to the target group.

Other Clinical Responsibilities

  • Ensure interventions developed to address client needs are clearly linked to an appropriate treatment plan, which is continuously monitored and evaluated for effectiveness.
  • Ability to assess for trauma and manage appropriately.
  • Maintain confidentiality and duty of care at all times.
  • Maintain appropriate client files, case notes and data as per organizational policies and procedures, legislative and funding requirements.
  • Achieve the organization’s targets for caseloads and completed client sessions as designated for the program.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to supervision and professional development.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Maintain computer based diary management system to enable effective and informed client bookings.
  • As required, assist with the provision of administrative duties, which may include reception, telephone, resource filing and general office duties

How To Apply

Please send your application documents, including cover letter and resume, to