Surrey Women’s Centre offers individual and group counselling for women who have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault or childhood abuse.

Individual sessions explore the dynamics of violence and the impact of trauma on women’s lives.  Counsellors build supportive relationships with these women to empower them and give them control over their healing. The counsellor facilitates healing in ways that respect a client’s values, inner strengths and resources as well as the capacity for self-determination.

Group counselling provides a safe place for a number of women to share their stories of sexual assault, childhood abuse and relationship violence. It also offers one—another support and explores options. They learn from others who have had similar experiences with violence, decreasing their feelings of isolation. Group counseling can also benefit a woman’s self-awareness, and encourage an understanding of trauma and its impact.

All of our counselors have Masters level degrees and are registered members of the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors and Crime Victim Assistance Program.