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The Price of Diapers

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Last year, Chantal, a young, single mom, needed diapers for her daughter Skye, but couldn’t afford them.

She is not alone. Almost a quarter of single Canadian mothers are raising their children in poverty with a high concentration of teenage mothers in Surrey specifically.

“I sacrifice my food for Skye,” explains Chantal. “I’d rather have her eat and have diapers than me eat for a whole day.”

Mothers should not have to choose between food and diapers for their babies, but they do everyday.

“If you only had forty bucks in your hands and you’re like ‘I know my kid needs diapers, but I need food,’ you can’t manage both of them,” explains Chantal.

Chantal and her two year old daughter Skye, received diapers from Surrey Women’s Centre’s Campaign in 2015.

Forty dollars a month is about the cheapest you can find a month’s supply of diapers for. This is a lot of money when a single parent on welfare, with one child might receive close to $1,600 a month from the government. Diaper cost takes a big chunk out of this allowance – especially when this amount also needs to cover, rent, food, clothing and other basic necessities for 2 people.

Unfortunately, government programs don’t see diapers as a basic need, so mothers like Chantal have a hard time covering the costs necessary to keep their babies clean and healthy.

On top of that, most daycare centres require a supply of disposable diapers prior to being accepted in.

Without daycare options, single mom’s like Chantal are forced to work part time and raise their children in poverty.

“It’s hard. I’m struggling, but better me struggle through life than me have nothing at all,” says Chantal.

Thanks to your support last year, Chantal, along with 200 other single moms received a box of diapers for their babies.

Looking back with a smile, Chantal told us how Skye received enough diapers from last year’s campaign, to last a whole month. That meant she didn’t have to decide between diapers or food that month - she could have both.

When asked what she’d like to say to the donors from last year’s campaign, Chantal beamed with happiness, “I’d like to meet you and give you a big hug!”

Mother’s like Chantal shouldn’t have to choose between life’s basic necessities. With your help they won’t have to.

Chantal wants to be the one to buy Skye diapers, but in the meantime she relies on you and others for help.

This August, we are asking for your help again.

This year our goal is to gather enough diapers to help 200 moms!

For every 5 shares from our Facebook page, Shoppers Drug Mart will donate a box of diapers to mothers fleeing violence. So share for a diaper today!

If you’re not Facebook savvy, but still want to help mothers and babies fleeing violence, click here and Shopper’s Drug Mart will donate a box of diapers for every 5 eCards you send.

If you have a box of new, unopened diapers you’d like to donate, call Amanda at 604-589-1868 Ext. 243 for details on drop off times and location.

So spread the word on Facebook or send your eCards today!

Being a new mom is hard enough. Let’s help make it easier.



Special thanks to our generous friends at Shoppers Drug Mart!

Your support is soooo appreciated by us and the moms in need in our community!

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