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Are You Registered to Vote?

1 in 2 women in Canada will experience physical or sexual abuse in their lifetime. That means you or someone you know.

Voting is your way to have a voice.

Make sure you do your homework. Vote for the candidate who will promote the rights of women and girls by:

• Building a strong safety network that supports their choices
• Supporting women’s centres, shelters and transition houses so they have a safe place to go
• Advancing their right to safety, justice and equality

Women and girls are counting on you to make a difference. Stand with us and vote for women’s rights.

The deadline to register to vote is April 11. (Click here to resgister).

How can you make a difference in your community?

Step 1: Register to vote
Step 2: Look at the facts
Step 3: VOTE!

The next provincial election is on Tuesday, May 9 from 8am-8pm. Make sure you’re there!