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Domestic Violence Warrior Bracelet - Limited Edition!

Buy this beautiful limited edition bracelet, assembled by hand in support of ending violence against women.

This cause touches me on a very personal level and it affects more people than you may realize. Stats Canada found that in 2009, there were 88 domestic violence related murders in Canada - one of which was my Nana.

She was murdered by her husband of 11 years - just because she wanted to leave him.

There were many things she didn't tell us, but we did know that he never wanted her to leave the house (he physically wrestled the car keys from her), she wasn't allowed to contact her family or friends (she whispered on the phone to us when she chanced a call) and she hid the large knives from him. She finally had enough and told him she was leaving him. That night he waited for her to fall asleep and stabbed her 126 times.

I never thought something like this would happen to someone I knew and loved, especially my Nana - but it did, and it's not a nightmare I can wake up from. I miss her every day. I don't want other women to go through what my Nana went through, or have other loved ones deal with the loss and sadness we still all feel as a result of her death. That is why I now help protect and empower women and girls at Surrey Women's Centre.

Surrey Women's Centre Board Member, Natasha Raey is a co-owner of the local jewelry company, Brass and Unity. As a domestic violence survivor herself, Natasha worked with the company's CEO and Canadian Forces Veteren, Kelsi Sheren, to design a limited edition bracelet featuring the sparrow charm to raise awareness around domestic violence.

The sparrow represents vigilance, joy and wisdom. While these little birds are small in size, they are extremely protective, especially when together. They show us that you don't need to be the loudest voice in the room to make a difference.

Proceeds go to Surrey Women's Centre so women like my Nana have a safe place they can call and get help at 24/7. Buy a bracelet and help us continue to be that safe place for the 4,000 women that walk through our doors every year.

If my Nana knew the signs of domestic violence - or if my family did - she may be alive today. Missing the signs can be fatal, as we learned the hard way. Help us raise awareness and save lives.

I'm buying a bracelet this year in honour of my Nana, Maria Catroppa. November 24 will be the 7 year anniversary of the night her life was taken.

Who are you buying your bracelet in honour of?

In loving memory,

Amanda Osterman - Forever Loving Granddaughter

Surrey Women's Centre

Buy a bracelet today.