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DADMOND, Novid Alleged Serial Sex Predator Arrested

11 charges have been laid against alleged serial sex predator, Novid Dadmand (known alias Robert Peako). Novid is believed to have falsely identified himself as a modelling agent; luring women and girls via social media with money and gifts. Novid is facing charges of sexual assault, fraud and break and enter relating to crimes that occurred in Richmond, North Vancouver, Surrey and Burnaby.

Novid may have attacked or defrauded other women. If you believe you have information about alleged crimes committed by Novid Dadmand, the Surrey Women's Centre is available to help. Please call us at 604-583-1295. Services are free and confidential

A tip line has also been set up at 604-207-4762, and anyone that may have come into contact with Dadmand is encouraged to come forward.

The Richmond RCMP social media tip account is also available at

If you were a target of this or any other sexual predator it's NOT YOUR FAULT. Please share widely. Other women and girls may benefit from this information.