Criminal Court

Criminal Court

Our Court Services team helps victims understand their legal rights in the criminal court, and walks them through the justice system.

The team assists victims who may be required to testify by providing court orientation and accompaniment, status updates about the case and post-sentencing proceedings. Support is also available for witnesses and other non-offending family members.

Our workers connect with police, Crown counsel and other criminal justice personnel to ensure that victims have the information, resources and support needed to ease their anxiety while testifying in court.

The team provides information about the Victim Impact Statement, a written description of how the crime has affected a victim that is used at sentencing if an accused is found, or pleads, guilty.

The team helps survivors apply for the Crime Victim Assistance Program which provides financial assistance and other benefits to victims of crime. The team may also register her with the Victim Safety Unit and the Corrections branch to ensure that she is notified about the release of an offender.

Court Services also helps protect women by linking with police, ADT Security Services Canada and local social service agencies to enroll survivors in the Domestic Violence Emergency Response System (DVERS). This program provides high-risk victims of domestic violence with increased safety by installing a monitored alarm system in their residence.